Young Learner Course


Online Class Syllabus 2018

Young Learner Course



5 to 12

Start Date

Every Monday

Minimum Level



Yes (Online Certificate)

Entry Requirement

Placement Test

Course Duration

60 Sessions Per Level

Progress Test



Online 1:1

Course Overview

This course helps to develop the children’s ability to communicate in English as well as helping them develop other essential skills for a life of learning and to be ready for future challenges. Our classes are interactive, fun and demanding, with able teachers who will motivate your child to gain confidence in understanding and using English.

Young Learner Starter (12 Weeks)




Toys, names, pet, numbers, 1-5 colours

Personal Pronouns, Regular Plurals, have got (for possesions), Imperatives, question word (how many?

Family,food, colours, numbers, 6-10

Possesive ‘s. Let’s questions word (how old?. How many? Where?)

Animals, body and face, colours

Determiners (a/an) , can (ability) and short answers

Activities, sports, colours, number 1-10

Like/love _ noun, Like/love + ing. How many?

Natural world, family

Demonstrative adjective, Impersonal you, what a/an + adjective + noun

Animals, food, clothes, number 10-20

There is/are, Is/Are there.. ? Would you like? + noun/verb?

home, family,clothes, colours

Prepositions of place

School, activities, names, transport

present continuous all forms, So do I, Me too/ I dont

Family , home, Transport

adjective, preposition of place

sports, names , colours,

conjuction: and but or or

Young Learner Movers (12 Weeks)




Friends, home, school, colours

because, past simple – ed ending

hobbies, weather, days of the week

verb + ing, verb + infinitive, past simple irregular verbs, preposition of time (on)

home, family, colours, parts of the body

I think/know…. when clauses

animals, food, natural world

adverbs (-ly endings). comparative adverbs

Famiy, time, places, transport

always, often, sometimes, never, preposition of time (before and after)

home, animals, natural world

ask somone to do something, comparative adjective, be good at

Natural world

could (past of can) , like/love + verb+ ing

home, people , work

have to, bad, worse, worst, relative clauses with who and which

health , part of the body, animals,

superlative adjectives, must infinitive purpose

clothes, job, feeling

How about? What about? What the matter? Adjective of mood

Young Learner Flyers (12 Weeks)




natural world, food and drink, family

adverbs of frequency and place

holidays, sports natural worlds, material

tag questions in present simple, suggestions with shall? Let us and We could

places and transport

Simple comparative and superlative, adjective , preposition of place and movements. I would like to

animals, parts of the body and face. Health, sports , work

Conjuctions, so , before and after

weather , families, senses directions

look,smell, feel, sound, taste like, should make somebody + adjective

friends, home, time and numbers,

past continuous, telling time

sports, materials, time and number

too, not enought, may

food, home , friends,

what else? present prefect, adverbs of time (still and yet)

school, music, clothes

future with going to and will, if

natural worlds, clours, school, materials

might, verb+ing, phrasal verbs, be made of