July 22 Anniversary Update English

July 22, 2019 Process and Documentation Updates (Students and Agencies)


This section describes changes that were made to the CIP Online English Learning documentation in July 2019 based on features that are generally available for new and renewing clients.



Article Status


Late and Absences

·         If the student is late, the teacher will not extend the class.

·         In the event that the student is absent. He or She needs to send message 24 hours before the class.

·         Online Classes that are missed due to students’ absences will be counted on their total number of sessions.

·         Make-up classes due to student’s absences are subject for approval.

·         Communication can be sent through the following

o   Email ([email protected])

o   QQ:  3465872020

o   Line: tanpiucoian

o   Kakao: itanpiuco

o   Zalo: itanpiuco



July 22, 2019

Changes of time and Teacher

·         If student needs to change the class, student should inform the coordinator a week before the effective data.

·         Changes of time or date is subject to availability.



July 22, 2019

Enrollment and Renewal

·         Inquiry form shall be the means of enrollment for new students.

·         Renewal or Re-enrollment can be done by sending message to the coordinator or managers.



July 22, 2019

Online Classes

·         Zoom will be the primary tool for teachers and students to conduct classes.

·         Skype or QQ will only be used if Zoom is not on operation.



July 22, 2019

Learning Management System

·         Upon enrollment students will be given access to Moodle Platform to view lessons and download books.

·         Teacher can also provide feedback directly on the tool before or after the class.



July 22, 2019

Payment Process

·         CIP Online will accept Bank Transfer, Credit Card through Paypal and PayPal Fund Transfer.

·         WeChat Pay or AliPay is no longer supported


July 22, 2019